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We were recommended Cobalt by a neighbour, so we saw them working on their house and the quality of the work they did. We felt comfortable knowing that they were family owned and would be there if anything went wrong – so many companies in London come and go.

The workmen looked after the house very well – they were really careful and covered everything up. It has made a huge difference to our house – it is a lot warmer and we can now heat it properly without wasting money.

Beatrice Cohen, London
In our 1906 house, whenever I went upstairs a blast of cold air met me, as the upstairs walls have only one course of bricks. Since Cobalt put the external wall insulation on, it has made a huge difference. Even the bedroom with three external walls is warm now – before it never got warm. We are also delighted with the appearance of the exterior – it looks excellent, and even though it is a light cream colour, it has not got dirty.
Jane Jessup, London