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Mike Stripling
Managing Director

Welcome to our team: 

In 2006, Mike founded Cobalt Carbon Free. Since then, he's attended every initial enquiry appointment to discuss, assess and advise. Mike has over 30 years experience in construction and business management and most loves helping customers achieve their dreams. Mike has a keen eye for design, quality and detail at every level of the organisation. This includes exhausting ideas how to grow, access new markets, down to  discovering new innovative ways to build and develop the business. Delivering every project to the clients budget and to the highest possible standards of design; technology, build quality, delivery and customer service!

As one can imagine, Mike is a shy retiring kind of guy always willing to listen! In the role of MD it is very tough facing today's global challenges, unsurprisingly its Mikes role to 'shape and make things happen'  

Chris Stripling

Chris is Captain and Head of the engine room and shares the rudder at the same time. He is 1st Engineer on our ship and the one that  'shapes, steers and drives things to happen'! As well as leading and managing all the operational and organisational  aspects of the business. He works closely with the whole business team; customers and suppliers to coordinate resources, and delivery of each  and every project, ensuring everything runs as  smoothly and effectively and efficiently as possible. Yes, he is human! In his role he works closely with Mike and Karen developing the business and the profit! Chris is highly creative and innovative always coming up with new ideas, new processes, new orders and new technology to help us manage and leverage ourselves and our business to the optimum level of success. Chris is our 'Keyman' Mike and Karen's successor he is heavily focused on Customers, People, Best Practice, Procedure, Quality and Profit!

He owns the vision for the future! 

Karen Stripling

you've heard of the Joker well Karen is our Juggler! Karen manages the money, arranges the finances and distributes and organises us and the cash. Karen is a true leader and manager, she is incredibly organised and astute. A formidable, caring and compassionate person. Here at Cobalt Carbon Free. Karen not only manages the money, she motivates and manages the people, sorts through the paperwork and byepasses the politics. Karen   works closely and tirelessly with Mike and Chris and all the operational teams, stakeholders, partners and statutory bodies.

Karen is definitely the go to person. If she cant help no one can!

Every ones precious gem!

Karen's role is about 'facilitating and paying for things to happen' and happen they do always!


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