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Cobalt Carbon Free

Specialists in home insulation and beyond. We are here to help you build a better home, more energy efficient, more sustainable, more comfortable - together let's build a better world!

Cobalt Carbon Free

Our most popular services include External Wall Insulation, Floor Insulation and Warm Roof Conversions.

Cobalt Carbon Free

We also offer a whole range of solutions to help you build a better home, from resolving existing damp issues and installing insulation measures through to whole house retrofits and home renovations.

Click below and see how we can help you, your home and the environment.


Wall Insulation

The core of what we do, the purpose of insulation is to minimise heat escaping through the walls, floors, and roofs. Insulation enables your home to retain warmth for longer, which maximises your energy efficiency and reduces your carbon footprint saving you money on your energy bills. Most importantly it makes your home a better and more comfortable place to live.

Solid Wall Insulation is one of the best ways to improve thermal efficiency. However each property is individual and will require assessment on it's own merits.


A single measure can be installed or a combination can be used to achieve increased thermal performance of a property.

You can read more about our recommended measures by clicking the below options:

Wall Insulation


Cause of Damp

Damp is one of the most annoying problems around the home and sometimes one of the most difficult to understand and eradicate. Without proper diagnosis and the right damp proofing treatment damp can, in the long term, cause irreparable structural damage to affected areas. If left untreated it can become costly to cure and become a serious risk to health.

We can carry out a damp assessment to get to the root cause of the issue and identify the correct damp treatment or repairs to cure the problem whatever that may take. We will never try to cover the problem up or suggest a treatment if we haven't identified and resolved the cause.

You can learn more about our damp treatment service here.

Did you know insulating your home in different ways can help prevent future damp problems by increasing the temperature of internal walls and weatherproofing the exterior.



Green Energy

Combining any number of our services we can offer an extended and bespoke home improvements package which can include further in-depth renovations such as:

Room Conversions

Converting an unused area of your home can increase space without adding an extension. Lofts, garages and basements can be reworked into open living areas, using the space you already have. We use our high performance insulation systems in our conversions ensuring the new space is cosy and comfortable. Our team will create a conversion to best suit your requirements.

Home Retrofits

Our full retrofits can range from bespoke extensions through to whole house renovations and internal remodeling. Using modern building techniques, sustainable materials and contemporary thinking, we aim to create low impact, high performing buildings. This can be achieved through modifying, renovating, designing and building; either in stages or as a complete project.

Alternative Heating Systems and Renewable Energy Sources

Consider heating your home differently, we can install underfloor and infrared heating systems leaving you less reliant on carbon heavy heating systems.

Solar panels can heat your hot water or generate green electricity for your home. 

Reduce Heating Bills

Whatever your dreams are for a better home, big or small, contact us and let us help you realise those dreams, building you a better home to build us all a better world.

Our Skills

Designer Room
  • Every successful project requires a great design and meticulous plan.
  • Take a step in the right direction. We can help express your vision and achieve your project goals.
  • For an independent, fresh perspective, take advantage of our in house project design and project management service.
  • All fully included in our project cost.
Home Building
  • Modern building is about collaboration, conscience and using common Sense. 
  • A perfect balance, proven to build client and contractor confidence, This enables us to build fast, be fair and be trusted.
  • No matter how big or small the work package , don’t hesitate to talk to us about your building challenges and expectations. 
External Wall Insulation
  • The highest quality products combined with specialist installation improve the energy efficiency of your home.
  • External, internal, floor and roof insulation systems provide a tailored solution to suit your property.
  • Transform the appearance and increase kurb appeal of your home at the same time as improving its sustainability and thermal efficiency.
  • Whether it’s considered upcycling,  recycling, or unicycling doing up old buildings is becoming an art form.
  • Here at CCF we depend on new technologies, modern building methods and time honoured skills and experience.
  • No matter how big or small the job package, help us embrace your building and property care problems.
Innovating Sustainability Solutions
  • Exciting ideas, creative thought, real imagination. ​
  • A proven ability to generate new and viable solutions to meet new and emerging challenges.
  • Find unconventional pathways to solve unconventional problems helping you reach your goals and dreams 


We believe our customer’s testimonials are the perfect way to show potential clients the quality of work that we provide, free from any marketing message or anything else skewed in our favour.
We’re proud to show the customer’s opinion because we think it speaks for itself.

Ruddington Nottingham

"Thank you to all at Cobalt who were involved in managing and completing the EWI job on my house. I was reassured from the outset by prompt and clear responses to all communications and everything was handled efficiently. The team always worked hard, were courteous and thorough. From my experience Cobalt Carbon Free take good care when dealing with customers and their projects and I highly recommend the work of the Company"

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