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Converting an unused area of your home can increase space without adding an extension. Lofts, garages and basements can be reworked into open living areas, using the space you already have. Loft conversions are one of the easiest ways to add value to your property through home improvements. We use high performance insulation in our conversions, ensuring the new space is cosy and comfortable. Our team will create a conversion to best suit your requirements, and can explain how using smart systems could benefit your home.

A garage conversion can make great utility of otherwise forgotten or unused space. We can convert it into either a functional room or additional storage space in order to improve your home. 

With adequate headroom, turning your basement into extra living space could transform your home.

Loft Conversions

Converting your lift into habitable or non-habitable space is a great way to add value to your home and make it cosy and comfortable since we use high quality insulation in all of our loft conversions. 


We have the following options available when it comes to loft conversions:


Simple loft - convert existing loft space into non-habitable, insulated storage space. Loft ladder access.

Soft loft - convert existing loft space into habitable or non-habitable, fully insulated rooms. Including Velux windows and staircase access. It could be a beautiful, well-insulated, spacious living area or you could choose to use it as additional storage space.

Super loft - a uniquely designed, planned and compliant habitable space. Beautifully spacious living areas, including dormer roof and staircase access. At the upper end, this package could include floor finish and decoration, smart electrics, underfloor heating and luxurious en-suite bathroom.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we can advise you on which type of conversion may suit you and your needs best.

Garage Conversions

Similarly to loft conversions, garage conversions can also be a great way to add not only value, but additional living space to your property. 

A few things to consider regarding garage conversions; in most cases, garage conversions are permitted developments and so you will not have any issues with Planning Permission. However, it's always better to qualify this with Building Regulation and the Planning Office.

You may require planning permission if:

  • If your building is listed

  • If the conversion increases your home beyond your permitted development rights

  • If you are converting the space for business

  • If your council has restrictions on reducing parking

  • If restrictions do apply, converting the garage interior is still acceptable, yet the exterior must remain unchanged

We can advise you concerning all of these potential issues and help you transform your home into a more energy efficient, better performing and more comfortable environment to live in. 

Basement Conversions

Costing, scheduling, design and structural elements must be well planned before starting any project. Completing a basement conversion in budget and on time is doable. With adequate headroom, turning your basement into extra living space could transform your home. Lowering the floor level, underpinning the foundations will have cost and planning implications.

Other factors to consider that will affect the cost:

  • Diverting drains and services beneath your house

  • Having solid concrete floors in the basement rather than timber subfloors

  • Difficult sub-ground conditions such as clay, made-up ground, sand or marsh

  • The local water table is high, necessitating constant pumping

  • Poor access to the site

Do I need planning permission to convert my Basement?

Converting your basement into a habitable space does not need planning permission. Unless you are in a Conservation Area, special designated area, or a listed building. On all other occasions permitted development rules would apply.

Under certain circumstances, modest extensions and alterations progress without need for planning applications.
Planning policy on basement conversions can vary. It is difficult for a local authority to find reasonable grounds for refusal. Especially if the work does not alter the building’s appearance.

What are the benefits of converting your basement?

  • Basements are typically cold, damp and smelly. An area of the home that is rarely visited, crammed with storage and usually behind locked and key. This doesn't have to be the case - it can be a lovely, comfortable, homely area that is used as additional living space. 

  • With the advancements in building fabrics it’s becoming easier to improve home efficiency.The extra mass of a basement helps to keep heat in and control temperature fluctuations. Sometimes a building with a well insulated, converted basement is up to 10% more efficient than a building above ground

  • By converting the basement space means your house increases in size. The property footprint remains the same, having a positive impact on living environment and value, as well as giving you and your family additional living space

  • Modern day families are more than 2.4 children. With ever increasing property prices finding the right home with the right space can be hard. Transforming unused spaces is a trending idea of considerable force

If you are interested, please don't hesitate and CONTACT US now to arrange a free consultation with a member of our team of experts.
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