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Building an extension is not the only way to create more space in your home. Changing the internal layout can give you the freedom to improve the space you already have. Remodelling could mean removing walls to create a modern, open plan style living space. Or adding walls to create functional areas like a separate utility room or bathroom.

Our in-house design team can produce new layout drawings. Ensuring the space you already have is used to its full potential. We’ll be able to talk you through any factors needed for altering the structure of the property. For example, if any pipes, wires etc. need to be moved. Once the designs have been approved, our build team can get to work on creating your new home.

Internal remodelling can be a project in itself, or become a part of a complete design and build scheme.

Bathroom Renovation

An example of an internal remodelling project that we have recently undertaken is this bathroom renovation. 

This bathroom renovation has turned a tired, dark room into a contemporary space filled with natural light. By opening the ceiling, the original enclosed space has been transformed. This has made the room appear brighter and larger. The fittings have been replaced to incorporate a large walk-in rainfall shower, a free-standing bath and a feature wall with console basin. The exposed brick walls and wooden floorboards add a contrast to the Scandinavian style design and neutral colour palette.

If you are interested, please don't hesitate and CONTACT US now to arrange a free consultation with a member of our team of experts.
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