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Creating homes fit for the future

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Low Energy. Low Carbon. Low Impact


Home Design
  • Every successful project requires a great design and meticulous plan.
  • Take a step in the right direction. We can help express your vision and achieve your project goals.
  • For an independent, fresh perspective, take advantage of our in house project design and project management service.
  • All fully included in our project cost.
Home Building
  • Modern building is about collaboration, conscience and using common Sense. 
  • A perfect balance, proven to build client and contractor confidence, This enables us to build fast, be fair and be trusted.
  • No matter how big or small the work package , don’t hesitate to - talk to us about your building challenges and expectations. 
External Wall Insulation
  • The highest quality products combined with specialist installation improve the energy efficiency of your home.
  • External, internal, floor and roof insulation systems provide a tailored solution to suit your property.
  • Transform the appearance and increase kurb appeal of your home at the same time as improving its sustainability and thermal efficiency.
House Renovation
  • Whether it’s considered upcycling,  recycling, or unicycling doing up old buildings is becoming an art form.
  • Here at CCF we depend on new technologies, modern building methods and time honoured skills and experience.
  • No matter how big or small the job package, help us embrace your building and property care problems.
Innovating Sustainability Solutions
  • Our raison d'être. 
  • Exciting ideas, creative thought, real imagination. ​
  • A proven ability to generate new and viable solutions to meet new and emerging challenges.
  • Find unconventional pathways to solve unconventional problems helping you reach your goals and dreams 
Our aim is to help make homes as sustainable and as off-grid as possible
White Room
elmshurst energy approved
Trading Standards Approved
Trustmark Government Endorsed Quality
East Midlands Energy Efficiency Commended Award
Qualitymark Protection Accredited


Light on Concrete Wall

Katy White

We are so pleased with the results and the whole process of dealing with Cobalt. Every one of the workmen who worked on our house were professional, polite and hardworking. Chris has been instrumental in making sure everything was done to a high standard and in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend Cobalt Carbon Free.

Louise Dale

“Chris and the team were highly professional and have done the most amazing job for us. Due to the age of our property along with previous work that had been done, a few issues were found along the way, but Cobalt were extremely efficient in rectifying these. Within a week we had joists replaced throughout, new insulated flooring, a full damp proof course and more! The team went above and beyond our expectations, I am so happy with how everything has turned out. I would highly recommend the Cobalt team”.

Tim David

“The Cobalt staff were highly professional and worked with us to provide a high quality of work on our project. They were always available to talk to us. The project was on an older house and this threw up some unpredicted issues, but Cobalt were quick to come up with cost effective solutions for us. Overall, we were extremely satisfied with the way the project went and would highly recommend the Cobalt team”.

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