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We believe our customer’s testimonials are the perfect way to show potential clients the quality of work that we provide, free from any marketing message or anything else skewed in our favour.
We’re proud to show the customer’s opinion because we think it speaks for itself.


Tim Pattle, Hull

The Cobalt staff were highly professional and worked with us to provide a high quality of work on our project. They were always available to talk to us. The project was an older house and this threw up some unpredicted issues but Cobalt were quick to come up with cost-effective solutions for us. Overall, we were extremely satisfied with the way the project went and would highly recommend the Cobalt team.

Darren Sweeny, Birmingham

We felt that the Cobalt’s level of professionalism and customer service was excellent. Any queries where responded to quickly and satisfactorily and it is clear that high quality customer service is an integral part of the company’s ethos. We were also very satisfied with the quality and workmanship of the installers. And there is a definite and considerable improvement in the retention of heat in our home.

John Keogh, Nottinghamshire

We initially went ahead with just some of the walls, and then decided it looked so good that we would do the whole building. The product is impressive, and it was applied and finished incredibly well. They did an excellent job structurally and cosmetically. The finish is self-cleaning and two years later it still looks good.

Liam Bushen, Nottingham

The whole process was very easy – everyone was so approachable and easy to talk to. All explanations were easy to understand.

I couldn’t recommend Cobalt highly enough – a great service!

Tossy Kibagendy, Nottingham

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers. It is a lovely gesture and is highly appreciated.

Thank you also for the great service you provided.

Ian Denoon, Yorkshire

Cobalt did a good job, as promised and on budget. They knew what they were doing and got on with it, and the end result looks good too.​

Hisham Mahyub, Birmingham

Many thanks for the great work. Fantastic workers, going above and beyond our expectations.

Eddy Dunn, Romford

It was a friendly, easy service, no pressure or gimmicks. It has made the house a lot warmer, and got rid of the problem of condensation inside.​

Rod Jones, Romford

I was very pleased with the workmanship – everything was on time, on schedule and done very professionally. I was very pleased with the final job – it has certainly made the house a lot warmer.

Anonymous, London

When Cobalt stripped the old pebble dash from our house, it was clear that the company that had replaced our bay windows should not have put them in, as the bay walls were not stable. Cobalt took this up with the window company, and got them to rebuild the bay wall and reinsert the windows. We were so relieved that Cobalt took control of this, as without their help we would never have got this done properly.

Jane Jessup, London

In our 1906 house, whenever I went upstairs a blast of cold air met me, as the upstairs walls have only one course of bricks. Since Cobalt put the exterior insulation on, it has made a huge difference. Even the bedroom with three external walls is warm now – before it never got warm. We are also delighted with the appearance of the exterior – it looks excellent, and even though it is a light cream colour, it has not got dirty.

Sapna Marwaha, Nottingham

We had a great experience with Mike and the team. We were comfortable that everyone we dealt with was professional, friendly and would keep us updated. The job was done well and on time. Would definitely recommend.

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