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We believe that showcasing our customer’s homes are the perfect way to show potential clients the quality of work.
All completed work comes with a 25 year guarantee included...
Giving you the peace of mind that your home will stay warm and dry well into the future.
We’re proud to show the work we have completed as well as customer’s opinion because we think it speaks for itself.

Insert DampSmart Before

Kirkwood Front

Before -

UnInsulated external walls.

Damp on walls and render

Insert DampSmart After

Home Owner

After - Removal of damp on external walls and Rerendered, reducing the chances of damp returning in the future and preventing further structural damage.

Insert Customer Testimonial

"We initially went ahead with just some of the walls, and then decided it looked so good that we would do the whole building. The product is impressive, and it was applied and finished incredibly well. They did an excellent job structurally and cosmetically. The finish is self-cleaning and two years later it still looks good".

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Before Insulation

Before -

Uninsulated Period Victorian Property with dated brickwork on gable end wall.


After -

External birch wood cladding used to renovate and insulate the external of the property and garage.

Mr & Mrs White

"Cobalt did a good job, as promised and on budget. They knew what they were doing and got on with it, and the end result looks good too."​

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Insert HomeSmart Before

may 27-05-10 035

Insert HomeSmart After

IMG_20180925_161428 - edited

Dr Thomas

I was very pleased with the workmanship – everything was on time, on schedule and done very professionally. I was very pleased with the final job – it has certainly made the house a lot warmer.

Before -

Leaking gutter system causing damp on the roof. weathered roof and coping caused roofing materials to begin decaying as the property aged.

After - Guttering redone, damp removed on roof and coping stones replaced. Giving the home a modernised look and helping realise its potential as an eco home. 

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Insert SystemSmart Before


Before - Dirty and dated brickwork and render on external walls

Insert SystemSmart After


After - Old Render Removed and Re-Rendered using the HomeSmart service. Then, a full eco by SystemSmart  created a refreshed, modern look on the exterior of the house

307 Carlton

We had a great experience with Mike and the team. We were comfortable that everyone we dealt with was professional, friendly and would keep us updated. The job was done well and on time. Would definitely recommend.

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