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An Eco Home is the ultimate way of becoming HomeSmart since it embodies everything that being HomeSmart is about - holding the highest aesthetic standards whilst minimising the impact on the environment. Making a home energy efficient is an essential part of it becoming a sustainable Eco Home.

Consideration, local climate designs using a fabric first approach for greatest efficiency. Creating a building envelope that is well insulated and air tight.


Producing Eco Homes that generate most, if not all and more of the energy used on site is a fascinating idea.

From fossil fuel electricity to low carbon sources. Solar, wind turbine, hydrogen fuel cells and electrolysers are cutting edge technologies. Home energy production is trending like no other currently with people generating significant quantities of energy - providing them with cheap energy and the ability to earn money by selling it back to the National Grid.


Big and sustainable are unhappy bedfellows. It’s a simple fact, Bigger homes have bigger energy requirements. Eco Homes embody the essence of sustainability. Small, clean and simple.

Our Eco Homes

Our in-house design team will take your concept, however big or small, and create architectural design drawings,  a scaled plan and 3D designs to help you visualise the end results. 


Using modern techniques, sustainable materials and contemporary thinking, we aim to create low impact, high-performing buildings. 

Where possible, we aim to use natural materials, sourced form local suppliers. Not only does this create beautiful aesthetics, but is more sustainable and functional. In-keeping with our low carbon ethos, we separate and recycle the waste produced on site, making a conscious effort to efficiently reduce waste generation.

We always prefer to use our own in-house design team along with out on-site build team from the very start of each build project. This allows us to be there at every stage of the project, from plans sketched on paper to a bespoke, high performance home. We'll assign a project manager to coordinate and manage everything, ensuring that all work is running to a schedule and produced to the same high quality standards that we set ourselves.

​Why are Eco Homes better than conventional ones?

Depending on the type of Eco Home, they are cheaper to run; they should use less energy and have lower carbon emissions. 


Eco homes should hold their values longer, outlasting conventional homes.


With more daylight and less chemicals in the building fabric, encourages a healthier living environment.

If you are interested, please don't hesitate and CONTACT US now to arrange a free consultation with a member of our team of experts.
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