We know that approximately 25% of the heat produced by your boiler escapes through the roof in your home. You can mitigate this by contacting one of our members of our specialist Insulation team about loft insulation and arranging a free consultation with us. 

Loft insulation is a great and effective way to improve your energy efficiency by minimising heat loss by up to 25%, make your home more of a comfortable environment to be in and really give it that homely feel we all desire & we can make happen. Loft insulation can be one of the easiest improvements to make, but it is very common for homes to lack insulation in this area - even if the rest of the home is well insulated.

A material's U-Value is a measure of how effective a material is as an insulator. The lower the U-Value, the better the material is as a heat insulator. We have over 30 year's experience in installing insulation and some of the materials we use offer U-Value's as low as 0.02 w/m2k, so you can be confident that your home will be in good hands when you work with Cobalt Carbon Free. 

What packages do we offer?

Of course we offer a basic service of transforming your home by installing loft insulation. But why stop there? Open your mind to the possibility of having an energy efficient, low carbon, high-performance, top-of-the-range home. We offer a variety of services to complement our loft insulation service.

Loft Insulation - improve your energy efficiency (your roof will have a U-Value of around 2.5 w/m2k), reduce the heat loss that occurs through your roof (up to 25%) and make your home more cosy and comfortable by having us install high quality loft insulationfor you.

In addition to insulating your loft, we can transform your home by actually converting the loft for you as well. Below is a brief description of the options available when it comes to loft conversions. Be sure to go to our Loft Conversions page for more details or contact us for more information.

Simple loft - convert existing loft space into non-habitable, insulated storage space. Loft ladder access.

Soft loft - convert existing loft space into habitable or non-habitable, fully insulated rooms. Including Velux windows and staircase access. It could be a beautiful, well-insulated, spacious living area or you could choose to use it as additional storage space.

Super loft - a uniquely designed, planned and compliant habitable space. Beautifully spacious living areas, including dormer roof and staircase access. At the upper end, this package could include floor finish and decoration, smart electrics, underfloor heating and luxurious en-suite bathroom.

If you are interested, please don't hesitate and CONTACT US now to arrange a free consultation with a member of our team of experts.