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Damp Proofing, Rising Damp, Damp Problems, Damp Walls, Damp Skirting Boards
Damp Proofing, Penetrating Damp, Damp Walls, Damp Problem
Damp Proofing, Condensation, Damp Problem, Damp Walls

What causes damp within the home?

Excess moisture causes damp and mould. Different types of damp are caused by different problems and have different symptoms. The easiest way to determine the kind of damp you’re dealing with is by visiting our Rising DampPenetrating Damp and Condensation pages. These pages are full of information on the causes, symptoms and treatment of specific damp problems.

Can damp and mould cause damage?

Depending on the severity, damp can lead to structural damage to buildings. Damp and mould can also damage wallpaper, paintwork, furnishings and have severe health risks.

What is Mould?

Moulds are microscopic fungal organisms that come in several different forms. These can vary in colour and appearance.

Mould tends to grow indoors due to moisture and wet surfaces. Often hidden behind wallpaper or furniture, the problem is more commonplace than you may realise. When visible, it can often appear as marks on walls, skirting boards, window frames and other susceptible surfaces.

Mould can destroy the surface it lives on by digesting it, so should be treated as soon as possible to avoid damage. Removing mould can be difficult and unless you get to the root cause, it’s likely to return.

As many as 1 in 5 British homes suffer from mould. Sometimes, small steps can reduce interior moisture, helping with mould and damp issues. For example, drying clothes inside will increase moisture encouraging damp, mould and condensation. Keeping your home well ventilated is especially important when dealing with mould. Keep windows open whenever possible and ensure window vents are open to allow air to circulate.

A lot of faith in the industry has been restored following a recent visit by the Cobalt Carbon Free team.

Cobalt Carbon Free attended the property under the requirement to quote for Damp Proofing works. After some very open and honest conversations, filled with years of experience, it was established no work was required. A few simple steps would put right the damp situation.

I could not thank Mike more for his approach and advice.

Highly recommend the Cobalt Carbon Free team.

Phil Erasmus

I hired Cobalt Carbon Free for the installation of Damp proof course around the walls of my semi-detached properties and some internal walls. The project was finished to a very high-quality standard.

I was on holiday whilst this project was carried out and all arrangement made to access the properties and the agreed work schedule was carried out as planned. The site was also left tidy and secured after completion.

I am well pleased with the service and would recommend their service to anyone looking for a professionally done job because there are many rouges out there.

These guys are exceptional!

Ayobami Ogunwa, Birmingham

Very quick and friendly service. We have just moved into a new home and Cobalt Carbon Free have really helped us get the place sorted.

Richard Kelsey, Nottingham